Wushu not to make the cut for 2020 Olympics

By on May 30, 2013

It has now been announced that Wushu did not make the cut for the final IOC September vote to be included in the 2020 Olympics.

The Executive Board of the IOC selected three sports by secret ballot from a shortlist of eight that included wushu among others. The vote followed 30-minute presentations by each International Federation and an extensive evaluation by the Olympic Programme Commission to determine their potential added value to the Games.

Although Wushu will not become an Olympic sport in the near future, it will continue to gain in popularity because after all Wushu is still young and is going through a period of steady growth.  And as Daria Tarasova, world wushu champion said: “We all one wushu family and together we will move forward, to 2024 Olympic Games!”

There is also the potential for Wushu to become successful as a commercial sport, both for Taolu and Sanda, there is a great power in the combination of the 2 disciplines. They complete each other because they are both components of what makes a great martial artist.

After all the IOC’s decision will have pleased some of the Wushu teachers as they have been divided in the wish for Wushu to become an Olympic sport. Those who want the sport to maintain secret will have been pleased with the outcome.


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