Wushu’s bid for 2020 Olympic Games Recognition

By on January 13, 2013

Due to the constant effort of the IWUF, Wushu maintains its place in the 8 sports biding for inclusion in the 2020 Olympic Games.
The process for final selection is long and very detailed. On the19th September 2012 the IOC sent an inspection team to visit the IWUF World Junior Championships in Macau. The inspection consisted on watching the event, inspecting the procedures of the event, anti doping arrangements, inspecting training areas, competition areas and equipment.

In addition to the inspection a meeting was held with delegates from the Executive Board where a questionnaire covering many aspects of Wushu competition was completed.
This was followed by a general questions and answers session. The purpose of this meeting and inspection was to prepare a report to the IOC Program Commission and to give the IWUF the opportunity to gain information about the IOC’s expectations for sports included in future Games.
The meetings and inspection were very advantages to the IWUF and we acknowledge the support and given by the IOC delegates.

The next step is for the IWUF to formally present Wushu at an IOC Program Commission meeting. Such meetings are being held for each of the sports biding for inclusion in the Games.
Our presentation shall be given on 19th December 2012 in Lausanne, Switzerland by a team of up to seven people. This team shall consist of a mix of Executive Board Members plus an athlete representative.

I have been asked to be part of the presentation team and shall do my best with the combined efforts of our president Yu and other Board Members to portray Wushu I the best possible way to the IOC. The 8 sports should then be reduced to the final 3 that will be considered by the IOC, of which currently it is expected that only one will be accepted to enter the Games.

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