The Hong Kong Wushu Team

By on February 12, 2015

On the 3rd December 2014, was on location at the Hong Kong Sports Institute. We were proud that our request was accepted by the Hong Kong Wushu Union, so we were able to see for ourselves how the team was like a big family together and how serious the athletes were towards their training and how dedicated the coaches were towards the athletes. And we were also proud to notice the support of the local government and the total support of the Hong Kong Wushu Union to both the athletes and the coaches.

We witnessed with our own eyes that one cannot achieve success alone. When a team of athletes, coaches and the head of the associations are working together it can lead to great achievements at world level.

You can watch an interview with the head coach, Liu Tao and the Team in training here, an interview with Geng Xiao Ling, 3 times World Wushu Champion here and an interview with Zhuang Jiahong, who at just 17 years old has already gained 2 gold medals at the World Junior Wushu Championships, Turkey/2014 and gold again at the 1st World Taijiquan Championships, Sichuan/2014 here .

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hong wushu team group
Nanquan athlete Hong Kong Wushu Team
taiji tai chi champion Zhuang Jiahong Hong Kong Wushu Team
Nanquan athlete Hong Kong Wushu Team

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