Olympic Wushu – Will the dream become reality?

By on March 20, 2013
wushu for olympics 2020 - Wushu Sport TV

We are approaching the final stages of the IOC selection process to decide which sports and which city shall be included in the 2020 Olympic Games. Since 1894 the Olympics has been uniting the world through sports and has become the deciding factor in determining whether or not a sport gets sufficient funding and whether or not it is included in the programming of major sports broadcasters. Will Wushu be the next sport to make it to the Olympics? It certainly deserves to be.

Until now the majority of the general public are unaware that there is such a sport as Wushu. Although it has always been an important part of Chinese culture, Wushu has been kept hidden until China was ready to open up and share its secrets with the west. Apart from Russia, with whom China has always had strong political connections, other countries have been slow to catch up, but caught up they have. The standard of non-Chinese athletes around the world is improving very quickly indeed. The international coaches have now been able to acquire the latest teaching techniques. Now that the number of young Wushu athletes is larger than ever before, it is the right time for Wushu to have an opportunity to prove itself as an Olympic sport. The recognition alone will enable Wushu to receive the right kind of funding to make a huge bang.

Wushu Sport TV will be broadcasting the Wushu World Championships in Malaysia October 28th – November 6th 2013

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