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By on March 12, 2013

The art and discipline of Kung Fu was created 2,500 years ago at the Shaolin Temple in China, where monks and priests from all over Asia used to gather.When a monk with the name of Dhamo(Bodidharma) explained to the monks that just praying and meditating alone is not good for the physical body. He believed a healthy mind is in a healthy body.

He started training some monks in Martial Art moves (routines, weapons and fighting techniques). When the other priests and monks realised that those who followed Dhamo’s teaching had changed to be spiritually, mentally and physically stronger, the rest of the monks decided to follow his way of teaching.


The whole purpose of Dhamo’s training is for the individual to be able to help themselves and help others. That is how Shaolin Kung Fu was created.

The main difference between Kung Fu and other styles lies in its roots. Kung Fu’s roots are Meditation, Qigong and Tai Chi. They are the foundation of being physically strong and of being a great fighter. These 3 disciplines are purely for spiritual awareness and to strengthen your connection with the Divine. Once the roots are strong and firm you will be able to build up your fighting technique and physical strength to a higher level. Most other styles purely focus on fighting while in Kung Fu you will never reach the higher level of fighting without first understanding the discipline of Meditation, Qigong and Tai Chi.

To explain myself more Kung Fu focuses on being one with nature, as nature flows rather than struggles. Nature is soft and gentle but yet powerful.
So you will realise that fighting is the final stage to complete Kung Fu practice.

If you truly love Martial Arts you must go through the gate of Kung Fu and from there you can practice any other martial arts style or any other sports.
I guarantee you, you will have a greater self-awareness and greater understanding of whatever subject you have in your hands and you will truly begin to have a genuine interest in life.

Sifu Alan Winner



Dharma Hole

Sifu Alan Winner meditating in Dhamos cave

In the first year of Da Tong of Nan Dynasty emperor Liang Wu (527 AD), Dharma left Jian Ye ( Nan Jing) while touring Central China and came to Five Peaks of Song Shan Mountain. There he found a hole beneath the central peak named “Fire Dragon Hole”, where an immortal Fire Dragon had been practicing.
It is all mystery inside: a 24-section main keel is at the centre while two dragons on both sides are protecting the doctrine. There are stars, the moon, colourful clouds, the Yangtze River and water. They all appear inside and look like a “mini universe”. The second generation ancestor stands on the right.

The Fire Dragon went up to the heaven after the first ancestor Dharma came to face the wall for nine years. While being in deep mediation inside the hole, he experienced “trance” to “conscious trance”.

Sifu Alan Winner with Bodidharma statue

When in trance birds nestling on his shoulders did not distract him. Outside he swung from branches to stretch his body and he imitated monkeys, snakes, etc… forming a whole set each of “Xin Yi Boxing” and “Arhat Stick becoming the founder of “Shao Lin Boxing”.

The second generation ancestor, Hui Ke, was determined to meet and learn from him. He knelt down on the snow ground outside the hole for several nights, and finally cut part of him arm off to show his determination. He thus became the second generation ancestor.

After the Dhamo faced the wall for nine years the opposite wall in the cave reflects his image, just like a watercolour painting.



picture 1: Monument outside Dharmo’s cave
picture 2: Sifu Alan Winner meditating inside Dhamo’s cave
picture 3: Sifu Alan Winner on top of Song Shan mountain with Dhamo’s statue


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